What is Dry Fasting!

Dry fasting occurs when both water and food are eliminated from consummation for a set amount of time. One day of dry fasting is said to be equivalent to three days of water fast. Dry fasting is an excessive form of fasting that is often practiced for its advantageous benefits. While dry fasting will assist you with losing weight, it isn’t suggested as an effective weight loss regimen. There are two types of dry fasting – soft dry fast and hard dry fast. Hard dry fasting means abstaining from drinking but also from having any contact with the water at all. Not showering, not brushing your teeth, not even washing your hands. While Soft dry fasting allows you to brush your teeth, take a shower and wash your face.

In the state of a dry fast, your body doesn’t get food or water, instead the body uses everything that is accessible to produce energy. This kind of outrageous fasting will put the body in danger in the hope of finding the necessary water  and nutrients to survive. The body starts to utilize water that is stored in fat cells which can lead to extreme weight loss. The quick weight reduction may be what interests most since every day of dry fasting can bring about a weight reduction of 3 pounds. It is proven that in 5 days of this fast you can shed 15 pounds.

Some benefits of dry fasting are: weight reduction, improved cholesterol levels, improved sugar levels, lowered blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory effects.
If Dry fasting is something you are interested in, it is suggested to do a week-long preparation. Hydration is key, consuming enough water to survive the dry fast is imperative to completing the fast. Also consume foods that will nourish the body with the right nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. Gradually cut down on your caloric intake before you enter the dry fasting phase and make sure to listen to your body. Consult with a GP if this is something you want to attempt.

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