Top 5 Destinations To Visit on a Budget.

Many of us dream of traveling the world but can hardly find the means. Traveling for most is a luxury that is not feasible after paying all the bills. Fortunately, there are affordable travel bargains for specific destinations that can meet your financial and travel needs. Below is a list of five destinations you can explore in luxury on a budget.
Phuket, Thailand
Thailand is a top vacation destination for bag-packers and beach lovers. The country  has the perfect weather all year round, beautiful white sand beaches, delicious food, and amazing parties. It is extremely budget-friendly that even if you’re in college or have a minimum wage job there are numerous things you can do within your budget.
Corfu, Greece
Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, is one of the most beautiful and romantic Greek islands. From the lush green mountains to the grand mansions and the Corfu beaches, there is something here to accommodate any type of traveler. Greece is usually expensive but if you are interested in exploring Greece this city will keep you within your budget.
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic is an affordable Caribbean paradise for beachgoers and sun lovers. The country has an abundant amount of all-inclusive resorts to choose from that will satisfy your needs. This Island has amazing beaches, beautiful golf courses, and incredible cuisines. Make this beautiful country a dream getaway that will keep you within your budget.

Jamaica has been a popular destination to visit, due to its relaxed culture and fantastic scenery. It has several things to do and places to explore around the island. Jamaica has many all-inclusive resorts to choose from, making it easy to find cheap accommodations. 
Bali, Indonesia.
Bali has a mix of cultural and breathtaking scenery which makes it an excellent destination for exploring and adventures. With its popular rice terraces, aromatic cuisine, stunning beaches, and world-renowned culture, Bali has something to fit everyone needs. Bali is one of the cheapest places to travel, you can get the most out of a trip to Indonesia by simply showing up.

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